Our olive oil

Olive oil

  • Fresh and very good olive oils are slightly bitter and spicy, however these features fade when the oil is heated.
  • A subtle spicy and bitter savour is absolutely necessary for a first grade olive oil – extra-virgin.
  • The spectrum of flavour that olive oil has to offer is as diverse as that of wine, varying strongly in taste and intensity depending on the variety of the olive and the location in which it is grown.

Our olive oil

… is a pure natural product. It is produced by grinding the Picual olive and all begins with the care of the olive tree. In order to produce a very good olive oil, the olives have to be harvested at the optimal stage of maturity.

After harvesting, the olives must be immediately transported to the mill for grinding. The oil extracted is stored and dispensed according to its classification. All these steps are done in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards.

The distinctive personality of the oil is expressed by an intense fruity savour of this aromatic olive, combined with hints of wood and green grass as well as its characteristically light, but pleasant pungency and spiciness. The resulting oil is intense, fruity and irresistible.

The oil mill operates according to the following quality standards:

  • International Standard UNE EN ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System) in the „production, bottling and marketing of virgin olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil“.
  • International Standard UNE EN ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management System) in the „production, bottling and marketing of virgin olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil“.

The certificates for these Quality and Environmental Management Systems are issued by the certification authority „BUREAU VERITAS Certification“ which is approved on a national level by ENAC and internationally by UKAS.


Piqualxtra Ölivenöl-Flasche

Our varieties

Extra Nativ – a very good quality extra-virgin olive oil, slightly fruity with a taint of pungency and spiciness. Ideal for cooking and enhancing dishes, harvested annually from December to February.

Extra Nativ Gourmet (first cold pressed, limited production) – a premium quality gourmet extra-virgin olive oil, very fruity in flavor, slightly spicy and pungent when tasted pure. It smells of fresh grass and fruits and has a greenish hue. Perfect for tasting pure or enhancing dishes, thus not recommended for frying. First cold pressed, harvested annually from October to December. Simply exquisite!